Guaranteed Ways to Stifle Premature Ejaculation


If you have ever experienced premature / early ejaculation just once, it's likely that you're not eager to go through it ever again as this can be one of the most embarrassing situations to fall up on a man. Luckily there are real things you can do to see real results quickly, so let's look at the top three ways to stifle premature ejaculation once and for all.

Diet is very important in stifling premature ejaculation believe it or not because certain foods contain hormones which creates an imbalance in your body so that you experience early ejaculation more frequently when you are stimulated. It's a common misconception that hormones exclusively affect younger men in their teens and 20s, always proper diet control you can remove problem foods like a lot of processed meats which are infected with extra hormones.

Also very effective in stifling premature ejaculation is to experiment with different sexual positions with your partner as oftentimes you can easily find one which you can last much longer doing what your partner can find just as enjoying. This is especially recommended for couples who are completely comfortable with each other.

Finally there are exercises which work to retrain the body and the way that you perceive stimuli so that you gain complete control over your orgasm rather than your body doing it for you. These exercises are especially effective for men who experienced early ejaculation due to him proper masturbation techniques which they have picked up early in their lives and have since retrain the way their bodies perceived stimuli in an improper way.


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