How to Ask a Guy For His Number Without Being Too Direct! This Will Make the Task Real Easy


Imagine being in a situation where this great looking guy comes into the same party that your friend threw. You ask around and you find out that he’s a friend of a friend. If you’re itching to get his digits, would you be willing to go to him and ask for it? Or would you just let the chance pass you by?

The first step is to get his attention.

Make sure that he has seen you during the party. Try to look at him several times then catch his gaze. Once you have established eye contact, show him your sexiest smile and gently nod at him. This should give him a go signal to approach you, and who knows, he might end up to be the one asking for your number!

Walk up to him and say hi.

This is the 21st century and it’s perfectly alright for women to be the ones to approach guys. As you initiate contact, make sure that you also properly introduce yourself and that you would converse with sense. As he becomes more comfortable with your presence, it would be easier to casually ask for his number.

Establish chemistry.

Talk about topics that he isn’t going to be bored with. Exchanging ideas is also the right thing for you to do where you could build rapport connection. If there’s an instant chemistry between the two of you, it would be much easier to get his number.

Show that you’re interested in him.

The best way to show interest in him is to flirt with him. This should boost his ego and somehow, loosen your nerves so it would be much easier for you to get his number.

Get to know his friends.

If he’s your friend’s friend, then getting his number should be easy. If you’re too shy to ask his cell phone or home number from him, this is the next best thing to do.

Invite him out on a casual date.

Keep it all casual. Ask him out then nonchalantly ask for his digits. The date should be your excuse for getting his number. Tell him that you’d need his number to confirm the venue and time of the date as you’re not sure of your schedule yet. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to ask him out while playing a little hard to get on your schedule.

Struggle no more…ask him with candor.

You’re a strong, sophisticated woman so what could keep you from going up to him and asking him directly? Sometimes all it takes is a little courage…


Source by Krista Hiles

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