Instant Business Finder – Review


Instant Business Finder is a desktop application software designed by Imbuzz creators, Calvin Woon and Jonathan Teng. It is designed to help you find targeted business leads in a single niche or city that you specify, anywhere around the world.

The software scans through Google Places, extracts pertinent data and returns a massive list of up to 200 business owners with the following information based on the niche and city of your choice:

• Company Name
• Address
• City, State, Country
• Zip Code
• Phone Number
• Email
• Website
• Longitude and Latitude of location
• Link to Google Places listing

Instant Business Finder is very easy to use with just a few clicks of your mouse. You will be able to target business leads in under sixty seconds. The software application makes it very easy for you to promote online marketing services to offline business owners and charge them a decent fee. At a price of $ 47 / yr, with FREE lifetime updates, IBF seems to be a very efficient means of finding leads in the shortest amount of time. You will save money that you would otherwise spend if you were to research manually on your own, while giving you instant access to the businesses you are directly marketing to and trying to reach.

If you are searching for software that will grow your offline consulting business exponentially, and will save you huge amounts of time in research, this software application may be what you're looking for. It seems to be a neat and cool vehicle to help you make more money.


Source by Amy H Eddins

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