Pay-Per-Click Affiliate – How to Become a Successful One!


You may or may not have heard about the easiest and fastest method of creating an income. This is called Internet Marketing. If you’re an Internet Marketer there is virtually two ways to generate profits. One way is through “free” techniques such as most famously article marketing and blogging. But, another way to make money online with Internet Marketing is called Pay-Per-Click marketing, also known as PPC. Many top Internet Marketers use PPC as a method to generate hundreds of dollars a day.

These marketers are known as the “Pay per click affiliate”. If you’re an “affiliate” then that means you’re promoting a product for another person making commissions. Some people make thousands of dollars a day by leaving their campaigns on auto-pilot, meaning it run by itself. To be a pay per click affiliate is very easy but takes tons of time and investments to start making profits. But, once you start making profits you will never want to turn back. So you’re working from home; you’re setting your own hours; you have no boss; you’re making a full income and your campaigns are running themselves with no work on your part. Who’s better than you?

What is Pay-Per-Click marketing?

Pay-Per-Click marketing also known as PPC is the best method to gain large profits. Some people get tired of part time incomes from free techniques and hours of writing pointless articles so convert to PPC marketing for larger amounts of profits. Now, in order to be a Pay Per Click affiliate you must have an account on a search engine, the most popular being Google or Yahoo. Once you do so you will need to find a product, and relevant keywords with high traffic and low competition. Then you will start up a campaign on either Google or Yahoo with your keywords and “ad groups”. Once you have your keywords and ad’s setup you must set bids, meaning the price you will pay every time somebody clicks on that ad. You will then set other specifics up like your daily budget and such. My first PPC campaign I spent over $160. I got 840 overall clicks with 0 sales. I spent $220 on books and programs before I even got my feet wet and I still went bankrupt. So, overall I spent around $380 and received 0 profits. After hours and hours of my time every day and $100’s of my hard earned money I still failed.

The Truth about Pay-Per-Click marketing

Well, after reading that first paragraph I bet you think it’s a free ride. I bet you think it’s just a couple hours of work and you’re off to profits, off to full incomes. Sorry to say but it’s not. To be a successful pay per click affiliate is very hard, and requires hours and hours of time and hundreds of dollars of investments. Many people rush into PPC marketing and buy into books and think that they will return profits in hours, and then fail. Most people put hundreds of dollars into Google and/or Yahoo’s pockets. I am here to explain exactly how you can beat Google and Yahoo. I am here to help you bring success to your campaign with just a few clicks of a button!

So, how to build a successful campaign?

What if there was a way to skip all of the hard work, and just simply “copy and paste”. What if there was a way to duplicate exact campaigns that have been tested to work and make thousands of dollars? This question was bugging me for the past couple years now. So, I did some research. I was looking for a program that was so easy to use and would help my campaign. I came across a system called “Copy N Profit”. I was very skeptical at first, so I did extensive research and tried to find every flaw it had. I was overwhelmed with the testimonials and reviews of the Copy N Profit system. I talked to tons of people and got responses such as “Changed my Life” and “I started to make sales in just weeks!” So, I decided to give it a try, and wow I saw extreme improvements.

I want to be a true pay per click affiliate!


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