Six Months and Counting, Now What?


Six months of being unemployed. This seems to be the beginning of a psychological barrier for the nation's unemployed. This seems to be the marker for employers to start questioning whether an applicant's skills are starting to fad. The reason for this is because, in our ever-changing world of technology, new technologies are needed to keep up with the changing global market.

This is also the time when a lot of people, who have saved six month's on emergency funds, are starting to run out of those funds. And last, but probably most importantly, this is the emotional time when people start questioning their own worth. Problems such as depression, grief over the loss of that last job, relationships with employed friends, and even anger with spouses start to manifest or expand.

This is the perfect time for you to do a self-evaluation. Ask yourself a series of questions, such as:

• What did I like / dislike about my last job?

• What types of jobs have I held in the past 10 years?

• What types of jobs have I held over my entire career?

• What types of things to I like to do?

• Are the jobs that I've held related to or different than the things that I like to do?

• Is there a way to take the best of my work life and the best of my private life to find employment that will be more pleasant to me?

• Will this new employment fit into the work / life / balance that I would like to achieve?

Incoming articles, we will look at all these questions.


Source by Marcia Kelley

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