Survival and Emergency – Hurricane Ready – Evacuate Or Stay?


Storms can be a result of pending weather conditions. If a hurricane is coming, do you stay? Or do you leave? That is one decision that you must make yourself. If you decide to stay, here are some helpful tips to get you prepared to buckle down. The idea is to be self contained.

First, fill up your gas tanks including vehicles, chain saws, or any other equipment that requires fuel. If the power goes out, you will not be able to pump fuel at your local gas stations.

Next, go grocery shopping. Stock up on water. You will need at least one gallon per person per day for two weeks. Also stock up on food for everyone. I recommend can goods, dry cereal, protein bars, peanut butter, etc. Pick up a portable (nonelectric) can opener. While you are at the store, pick up flash light batteries in assorted sizes.

You may need to shop at your local home center store, too. Pick up boards and duct tape for windows. Board up all windows. Use the duct tape as a back up for the boards.

Next, pack up like you are leaving. Gather clothes, medicines, toys, pillows and blankets, and important papers. Put the important papers in a sealed plastic bag. If your roof leaks, your papers are covered. If something happens to your house while you are there, you may need to leave in a hurry. You will not want to go looking for things.

If you stay, make sure you are not in the path of a tidal surgeon. Hurricane Katrina had an 18 'tidal surge. How high is your house built up? If you house is ten foot above sea level, an eighteen foot surgeon will still cause flooding.

Trees are beautiful and give shade to your home. But they are terrible in a hurricane. Pins trees have deep roots so they snap in high winds. Water oak trees have shallow roots. If the hurricane brings a lot of rain that accumulates around a water oak, they will fall over, tree, root ball and all. Beware.

These are minimum requirements to keeping safe and being self contai. Keep an eye on your local weather stations and news. If the TV stations go off the air, tune into your radio station. Be alert at all times.


Source by Robert Farbe

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