The Importance of Credit Ratings When Applying For a Home Equity Loan


When applying for a secured loan credit ratings help the lender get a better picture about the consumer’s ability to manage payments. The higher the credit score is the lower interest rates the lender will quote. Obviously not everyone has perfect credit. Lenders know that but they must quote higher rates because of the extra risk involved. For this same reason not every equity lender will approve a bad credit loan application.

Sub-prime lenders have given an opportunity for people with bad credit to obtain a home equity loan by applying for a bad credit home equity loan.

Perfect Credit Is Ideal – Work On It!

Ask yourself, how soon do I need the cash? Can it wait several months till I repair my credit? Improving your credit score will not only give you peace of mind but it will help gain your creditors credibility once more and help you get a better home equity loan rate. It might take you a year of managing payments on time or maybe even in a shorter period. All you have to do is make payments on time, the sooner the better.

A One Time Situation May be Forgiven

If you are usually an excellent or good credit rated consumer and have been found labeled as bad credit because of a few default payments, due to sudden unexpected payments the lender might approve your application at a lower rate. It is important to explain in writing what took place and providing proof of bank statements will do wonders. Remember to think before you take action by asking yourself: “If I was the lender and I heard a story such as mine – would I be convinced?” Read about online equity lenders before getting the loan.


Source by Joel Cohen

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